So we ALL want a professional coach and trainer to work and care and follow our workout and training program on a daily basis.

The same coach who works with and around TOP-LEVEL/ FAMOUS athletes & clients and also works daily around other TOP-LEVEL coaches, trainers & athletes?

Coaches living, breathing and working in the TOP Gyms and in one of the Mecca cities for modeling and fitness competition?

But YOU don't live in those cities, YOU don't have the budget for $100 an hour "sessions" or to hire a "Strength/Conditioning coach" and "nutritionist"?

......and if you did; would he/she be available nearly 24/7 for your wants and needs?!

Welcome to 2014!

My name is Coach Chad and I have been working with Pro-Athletes, Fitness models and Performers for over two decades.

For the past 10 years , I have worked with clients (both "rich & famous" and not), Pro-UFC/MMA fighters, Pro-Athletes and Models.

I have been the "In-House Trainer" for two major and highly regarded modeling agencies here in Vegas. My usual hourly fee is about $100.

​But now.....Starting at only $10........I have a COMPLETE "@ Home" MODEL LIFESTYLE & FITNESS PROGRAM.

For less than the price of ONE SESSION.....I offer you a COMPLETE daily 24/7 Training Program so detailed it includes a "printable" grocery list for you.

EVERYTHING about your conditioning and diet program is covered.

You can log-in at anytime from PC or Phone. Your workouts ready and on your Phone for you at the gym!   Take a look at more info.......

      The entire 300 page text

 The best $10 you'll ever spend